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Scarborough Fair

Took Me some time to get all my edit's done for Our annual visit to Scarborough fair.

We had such a good time this year . The actual trip to the fair was in may . 

Many people in the DFW area know about this annual renaissance festival , if not I highly recommend taking a trip

in spring to visit .

For people watching and photographing unique people and costumes , it is hard to find a better place.

I hope You will enjoy my image's . I have uploaded 60 out of 300 images for Your viewing .

Feel free to share my site and leave comment's.


Macro shots.

Been on vacation for a week or so and got caught up on some editing.

I generally work alot on macro , black & white landscapes and indoor shooting with my light kit during summer.

B&W landscapes because with as hot and bright as it it in Texas , it makes for some great contrast in B&W shots. 

Macro because i really enjoy all the detail in interesting subjects , I am generally to busy in spring to shoot anything 

but landscape and flowers .

I generally shoot products with my portable light studio to practice lighting . I will occasionally  shoot the flowers i buy 

for My wife. 

I hope You might enjoy some of My macro shots  .

Feel free to comment with any suggestions . 

Thanks for viewing My site.

Have a fantastic day !

Fort Worth Zoo

I have been very interested in Our local zoo for so many years, I decided to start buying a annual membership 

About 6 years ago. I try to visit about 3 times a month , although recently over the past year that number has went

down to about once a month , due to work. 

I got noticed last year by the zoo and was asked to be a volunteer photographer,  which consist of me uploading images

to a cloud service , so the zoo has access to My images. I was beyond honored. 

I recently was working on spring images , Scarborough fair and some macro photography of various bugs, wich I 

will share in the future . So please stop back by. 

Thanks for viewing My blog. 

William S.




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